februarie 18

Life and spaces


We all start in a tiny space. It is enough a rectangle of tens of centimetres. It brings safety and warmth.

We than expand a little and we start using and exploring the space around the house. Same safety (or our parents feel so), sensorial and learning experience.

We shrink a little back again to warmth and more safety so real learning starts happening.







And when we feel enough equipped we begin to perform


belong to what we think is like us and safety



and we search our own meaning of warmth.



At one moment you decide that that’s it! You settle down and the space either shrinking in intimacy or expanding in world exploration, has a centre of world spinning life around it.


Sometimes you lose along the way the compass,

the centre, the direction…





And you may go on like this or finding something else

All counting down to another type of space and warmth and safety…


I sit here, in my space, defined by some square centimetres, and some poles and world centres.

Until when?

Until I and you and all will go back to a small tiny space. Where there is just certainty.


So, I say, take care of what you build, what you measure, what you learn and what you experience. Start today expanding your space and your actions. Open up to life. You’re the builder of your inner world.


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De la Craciun la Anul Nou

De la Craciun la Anul Nou
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