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Get wet!!


Do yourself a favor: get wet! Jump into the water and either enjoy swimming, if you know how to do it, or fight for your life!

Just jump!

Get wet in the waves of life! It may be just water, it may be tears of pain or other’s spit on your face, it maybe tears of success and love! It will be all! Don’t stay in the water of your crying regrets and excuses!

There is no possible control system that you can build to prevent you from failure!

There is no certain shortcut to success!

You can be aware of some risks, but you cannot read the future! You can make some very bad scenarios, but „independence day”… is just a movie! You can build any fear and imagine any monsters… nothing really happens, isn’t it?

Is there anything that you want to do and you do not already know HOW TO…?

Stop reading more! Stop getting more diplomas! Stop waiting for… A, B, C!

There is no better moment to start than NOW!


Do you want to get sooner where you wanna be? Get a COACH or a MENTOR.

I don’t say choose me, I say choose one who fits you!

A good person will help you get your desired results, not getting more info!

Stop gathering advice, start implementing at least one of the many you already know!

If you see yourself caught up in someone else’s path then it’s a sign that you’re in information overload.

Press OFF the „shiny button” syndrome! Let yourself from the future rise and shine!

Get wet, dear! It might be fun too!


Inspired by Andy Medlam

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De la Craciun la Anul Nou

De la Craciun la Anul Nou
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