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The land of NO’s


Once upon a time (I mean couple of months ago) I was a lady that believed she is like Dorothy in Wizard of OZ. I felt lost, in front of a yellow brick path not knowing where to go. Actually I now realize that I also felt like the Brainless Scarecrow, the Heartless Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion same time…All I knew was that I was headed to Emerald City searching for OZ to grant my wishes.

What happened? Unli ke the story I got lost so many times even if the path was under my feet. The Scarecrow remain long days without brain, and Tin and Lion got stuck and stood hidden in their deepest fears. There were neither good nor bad witches to kill or to be helped by, nor the tiny voice of Toto was heard.

The Emerald City disappeared in fog or appeared like a dessert mirage, unable to be reached, although it could be seen so near to the horizon…


Until, well…until I accepted the inner voice and the signs around that spotted the evidence.

The power is within! The knowledge, the heart, the courage, the power and the will are in me! And then things did not get easier, but I simply learned to listen to me, to be present in my life, to help me with whatever already brought me in this stage and to follow my path at the end of the rainbow.

Do you also recognize yourself in any of these characters? Did you ever tell yourself that you are not good enough, smart enough, young enough and you will not be able to do something… either passing an exam or discovering the purpose of your life?

Of course you did! We all did! But, are you still in the land of NO? Or are you going to kick some asses, kill some bad witches and get on your yellow brick path to your Emerald City, the destination of your dreams?

Come and tell me your story!

Get coached from good to gorgeous!

I offer you a two hour free coaching conversation.

Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t…the question is do you want it?

I am ready to take your NO for an answer… are you ready to live further with your NO’s?


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De la Craciun la Anul Nou

De la Craciun la Anul Nou
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